Monday, May 26, 2014

Frostbitten in São Paulo

Yesterday as we were sitting in the chapel reverently singing hymns, the sky began to grow dark.  By the time we finished singing and said the opening prayer, it started to rain and storm so loudly that I could barely hear the man at the pulpit.  The chapel shook, but we kept on going with the meeting.  A few minutes later it starting raining INSIDE the chapel.  The meeting kept going, the rain stopped, and when we went outside, all we saw was ICE!!!  

The kids freaked out, most of them never having seen anything remotely close to snow in their lives.  The entire neighborhood was covered with giant balls of ice!

The traffic stopped, unable to pass through it, and the Brazilians stayed on the sidewalk, amazed.  I, on the other hand, jumped right in :)  This American aint afraid of no snow.  It was nuts!  And I think I got frostbite on my feet.  Oh the irony.  

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