Monday, November 25, 2013

Sou Grata

"The scriptures are laid before thee, yea, and all things denote there is a God; yea, even the earth, and all things that are upon the face of it, yea, and its motion, yea, and also all the planets which move in their regular form do witness that there is a Supreme Creator."  Alma 30:44
We went hiking at the Red Rocks today.  It's so good to be outside.  I will be thinking of you all this Thanksgiving week!  I love you all muito and am overwhelmingly blessed to have so many supportive people in my life. 
Also, I may or may not be spending Thanksgiving with some kind of famous people.  More on that next week!
com amor,
Sister Burch

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Mighty Change of Plans

Tudo bem familia. 
Yesterday morning I got a call from President.  He told me he was transferring me and that I should pack my things and be ready to go in TWO HOURS.  There was an emergency and I was needed in another area.
I didn't quite know what to do or say.  I didn't get to say goodbye to anyone and I'm still kind of shell shocked that I'm not in Meadows anymore.  I just sent a few quick goodbye texts and Raphael texted me back and said, "Call me now so I can hear your voice one more time."
I lost it.
During this short time I've been here, my heart has grown so much.  I have so much love for the people here and saying goodbye on a whim was really hard for me. 
I'm now in an area called Elkhorn Springs.  ...I think :) 
My companheira is so sweet and we live in a little casita owned by a woman in the ward here.  When I met her, she said,
"Burch... do you know anyone in Minnesota?"
"Do you know a Penny Burch?"
...that's my grandma...
She just about started crying.  Turns out, she goes way back with my family and knows them well!  My mind was blown.  She was telling me the names of my little brothers and talking about how my dad gave some suits to their son and they were hanging in the closet upstairs!  WEIRD.
I don't know why I was moved here so suddenly.  But stuff like that is not a coincidence.
"But behold, all things have been done in the wisdom of him who knoweth all things."  2 Nephi:24
I don't know everything, but God does.  I trust Him. 
Other than this current craziness, my last week in Meadows was wonderful.  We went to the Las Vegas temple and witnessed many miracles! 
One night we heard our friend was in the hospital so we got her flowers and went to visit her.  We ran around looking for her with no luck.  We later found out we weren't at the right hospital.  But when we went to the emergency room I saw out of the corner of my eye another woman who we had been teaching.  She was not doing well and she was alone.  We were initially so frustrated we couldn't find her and we were at the wrong place.  But if we hadn't gone there first, we never would have been able to help our other friend. 
Here are some more pictures of times past:
Inline image 1
Hiking mount charleston.  I'm ALWAYS surrounded by red heads...
Inline image 2
Sister Field is my soul sista forever.
Inline image 3
This is what happens when I'm trapped inside for five days.  Haterz gonna hate.

(There's supposed to be a picture here of the Las Vegas Temple but it didn't load in the email... stay tuned.)

Inline image 1
My beautiful companheiras will be my friends forever.  I love them.
Thank you for all of your prayers!  I need them!  I love you all SO MUCH. 
ate mais,
Sister Burch


This week.... my poor poor companheira got the flu.  We were stuck in the apartment for 2 days until she felt better. 
THEN  my OTHER companion got the flu, and we were quarantined for THREE MORE DAYS. 
Needless to say,  I've been going slightly stir crazy.  I am grateful, however, that by some miracle I didn't catch it.  Not sure how that happened!!! 
Without further ado.. adieu?  .....recaps from this transfer!!!!Inline image 3
Our fun day of feeding the scouts.  I mean being scouts.  :) 
Inline image 4
At the scouting event they had a three-story maze that I'm sure was built for children because I barely fit inside of it.  It took us 10 minutes to crawl through that bad boy!  And I MAY have had an anxiety attack (twas pitch black in there)
Inline image 5
These are my two boys Nathan and Anthony.  They are amazing and I love them dearly.  And sometimes they write me notes as follows:
Inline image 6
It just kills me, ya know?
Inline image 1
Classic awkward pic with my zone leaders (and a lovely tie trade in the background)
Inline image 2
This is Raphael!!!  Not that I have favorites or anything, but... he would be it.  On Thursday we went with him to see the lovely and talented Gladys Knight and her choir, Saints Unified Voices.  It was AMAZING!  It blew my mind.  I'm talking breaking it down to "I am a Child of God," type of amazing.  It was weird to see so many people dancing and clapping in the chapel though!  I could get used to that. :)
Inline image 1
Our view from the Smith Center at the Zion's Youth performance. 
That's all I have time for this week, but more to come next Monday!  I love you guys muito!  I appreciate the prayers and please pray I don't get sick!
com amor,
sister burch

Monday, November 11, 2013

God is Good

Oi familia!  This week marks the busiest one yet of my LIFE.  I have a toooon of pictures but I suck and forgot my camera so you will just have to wait one more week to see what sort of misadventures I've been on!
I'm getting a lot better at teaching (and by that I mean that God is seriously helping me)  And now 4 of the people we are teaching have baptismal dates!  God is so good! 
Raphael, who continues to hold the rank as my favorite human on the planet, turns out to have a crazy mysterious life that I am just finding out about.  Just so you get the idea, he met the terrorists of 9/11 at his blackjack table, and he used to be roommates with the actor that played Kunta Kinte in Roots.  So yeah, he's pretty cool.
On Halloween night we had to be in our apartments by 6pm because I guess there are crazies in Las Vegas?  Who knew?  But I admit I was rather excited because we were allowed to watch "17 Miracles" (through which I sobbed like a child)  and "the Other Side of Heaven."  Okay, it doesn't sound like much, but to us it was a party!  It was also sister Field's birthday!!!  (I understand that a 21st birthday in Las Vegas where we had a curfew of6pm sounds ironic).  Don't judge. 
On Friday we got up at the repulsive hour of 3:45am to make breakfast for probably 3,000 boy scouts.  My sleep deficit only keeps growing!  And on Sunday we got to go to the strip to usher for a show called Zion's Youth.  It was pretty cool to go to the city again! 
This morning we went hiking and tonight we have transfers.  My dear trainer, Sister Dewey, is leaving us!  :(  Me and Sister Field are staying here and we are getting a new companion as well.  I'm excited for all the next 6 weeks will hold!  Pray for me!  I love you all dearly and thank you for all your love and letters!
com amor,
Sister Burch