Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Climbing The Wall

Once upon a time on the American Continent (about 6 BC), there was a man named Samuel.  He was a good man who had faith in God, and therefore, was commanded to go forth and preach to the Nephites that in 5 years, the Savior of the world would be born, to save us from our sins.  So he went into the city and began to teach the people.  The people had hardened their hearts and cast him out.  He walked away, defeated, ready to go back to his home.  But the Lord commanded him once again to go back and preach to the people.  So he was obedient and returned.  This time, the Nephites did not even let him  into the city.  So what did he do?  He climbed the wall.  And from the top of the wall of the city he preached and prophesied all that God put into his heart.  (Helaman 13)

"If you keep doing what you've always done, you'll keep getting what you've always gotten." (source forgotten by Sister Burch)

Samuel knew what he needed to do.  But he was left without much help or instruction.  His first two attempts were utter failures, so instead of giving up or trying to keep entering the city the same way, he changed his tactic.  He had to make a change to see a difference.  So he was proactive and used his creativity to think of a solution.  He climbed the wall.

If we want different results, we have to be different and try different things.  So I am using all the creativity I can muster here in Campo Limpo.  Sister Barboza and I are adjusting our focus.  We are climbing the wall.  And we are seeing changes.

Our focus is on FAMILIES.  And we are teaching a family that is so spectacular.  When I met them, they were familiar to me.  I felt so strongly that it was not the first time I was talking to them.  I felt instant love for each one of them.  For Caroline, for Michael, for Rafael, who happens to be seven feet tall and has dreads down to his waist.  Yup.  I was meant to meet them.  This family has been jumping from religion to religion their entire lives and has never found the answers they've been searching for, until one day God crossed our paths.    

I am so so so feliz.  And I love you all so so so much.


Sister Burch

(photos: a tea party, and the Brazilian pit bull named Billy-Burch)

Saturday, July 19, 2014


Temple day!

You win some, you lose some

Welp.  The world cup has ended, and unfortunately Brazil sort of crashed and burned towards the end.  But hey, you can't win them all.  And besides, all the Paulistas are saying that it was paid off anyways. hahaha.  I got a call from my zone leaders during the game versus Germany, and was ordered to wait inside for two hours before walking home.  My height, pastyness, and blue eyes are German features I just couldn't hide from the angry mobs of people on the street.  Fortunately, I didn't get murdered and everything has gone back to normal now!!  

I've been going through a lot of highs and lows.  Some days are grand and others, dissapointing.  But that is the mission life, and I will just keep on going!

The members in Campo Limpo are working together with us, and yesterday we witnessed a huge miracle.  One of the members works in 2 condominiums.  She is in charge of 2 buildings, each with 13 floors, and 8 apartments per floor.  She invited us to deliver parking passes to each family.  What an idea.  So we went, we delivered, slightly aprehensive to talk about church with wealthy families who normally don't accept us.  We presented ourselves and then I prepared for the "No."  And each time, I was surprised when I heard instead, "of course!" or "Yes, we are in a lot of need of prayer."  To our surprise, almost every single family asked us to come back.  Like I said, that's 8 families per floor. 8 x 23= .... I'm bad at math.  Anyways.  It's a lot of families.  We are blown away.  

You win some and you lose some.  But we have small victories every day. 
Today, my investigator William named his pit bull puppy after me.  But that's just one example.  ;)

Eu amo vocês!  


Sister Burchizinha




Rua Dr. Rui Batista Pereira, 165
Jd Caxingui
São Paulo--SP

A few awesome things

1) Brazil won against Chile
2) Sister Barboza found $80 on the street 
3) The Church is true and God loves us. 

This week was MARAVILHOSA, we reached almost all of our goals!  We met some amazingly prepared people, and are grateful that the Lord is helping us out.  Somos os jogadores verdadeiros.  We are like the Neymar of missionaries.  Jk jk.  I will stop boasting.  But things are changing just like I said they would!  Our friend Glaucia told her mom, "I am ejoying my last cup of coffee, mãe.  Because soon I will become Mormon!"  

That is what we like to hear!


Sister Burchizinha

I could not deny it

This week I have been thinking a lot about Joseph Smith.  He was just a kid with a question.  He lived in a town with a church on every corner, much like where I live now.  (only there are 3 churches on every corner here...).  He didn't know a lot and wasn't exceptionally intelligent or educated.  But every church he went to taught something different.  This left him confused.  In search for answers, he went to the Bible and read James 1:5..

"If any of you ask wisdom, let him ask of God..."

So that's what he did.  He wanted to know what church was true, what church was Christ's church.  So he went straight to the source and asked God Himself.  

And Joseph recieved an answer to his prayer.  In a vision, he saw God and His son, Jesus Christ.  Not something that happens to your ordinary 14-year-old farmboy.  Few people believed him, and he was persecuted by many.  But he knew what he saw.  And he knew that God knew it.

 And he could not deny it.  

At one time or another, I too have had my doubts.  In the past I have wondered if it is all true, I've wondered if God really does care about me.  So I did what Joseph did.  I prayed, and I asked God.  And the feeling that came to me when I prayed is not something I can ever forget, nor deny.  No matter how many Brazilians reject me, no matter how many people choose to not change and not follow the answer God has given them.  It may be difficult, but I know what is true, and God knows that I know.  And this week I have been filled with the overwhelming, unmistakible feeling that God loves me.  I have never been more grateful to be a member and representative of His church, and to know what I know.  God lives, and His church was restored to the earth through the prophet Joseph Smith.  It's true.  I promise.  But you don't have to take my word for it.  You too can go right to the source and ask God yourself.  

The sun is shining over Brazil and I am taking advantage of each second here.  The only thing that could bring me down this week was what that Columbian did to our querido Neymar.  Not cool.  Germany you are going down.

Eu amo vocês muiiiito.  


Sister Burch