Monday, November 10, 2014

The Baptism that fell from... Bahia

What a transfer it has been!  I could write a 10 page love letter to this transfer, to Educandário, to the members in this ward, and to my companion.  

Instead, I will just quote what Sister Borges said in our companionship study this morning;

"Sister... eu vou casar com um homem igual você."

I love the mission.  And I hate transfers.  Sister Borges got sent away to Osasco, minha terra de infância.  But the crazy, unbelievable, insane, not expected, bombshell news of this transfer is that of my new companion....
Sister Tait!!!

My first companion from back in the day at the Provo MTC.  We started this journey together and it looks like we will finish it together as well.  How poetic!  I am so excited and happy and I know there are big things ahead!

This weekend God sent us a tender mercy from Bahia.  Antonio moved to São Paulo about 3 weeks ago and stopped us on the street.  He admitted that he had already been going to church for a year and had already been taught by 10 pairs of elders.  We taught Antonio with power and authority and he finally made his own decision.  And was baptized!!!  It was such a powerful and spiritual experience.  I am amazed at how aware God is of each one of us.  

And if you do the math correctly, 10 pairs of elders=1 pair of sisters.

Just kidding, elders.  You are great :)

I know that God lives and that He has prepared a "foolproof plan" for each one of us.  I know that when we ask, he answers, and when we seek of him, we find.

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