Monday, November 11, 2013

God is Good

Oi familia!  This week marks the busiest one yet of my LIFE.  I have a toooon of pictures but I suck and forgot my camera so you will just have to wait one more week to see what sort of misadventures I've been on!
I'm getting a lot better at teaching (and by that I mean that God is seriously helping me)  And now 4 of the people we are teaching have baptismal dates!  God is so good! 
Raphael, who continues to hold the rank as my favorite human on the planet, turns out to have a crazy mysterious life that I am just finding out about.  Just so you get the idea, he met the terrorists of 9/11 at his blackjack table, and he used to be roommates with the actor that played Kunta Kinte in Roots.  So yeah, he's pretty cool.
On Halloween night we had to be in our apartments by 6pm because I guess there are crazies in Las Vegas?  Who knew?  But I admit I was rather excited because we were allowed to watch "17 Miracles" (through which I sobbed like a child)  and "the Other Side of Heaven."  Okay, it doesn't sound like much, but to us it was a party!  It was also sister Field's birthday!!!  (I understand that a 21st birthday in Las Vegas where we had a curfew of6pm sounds ironic).  Don't judge. 
On Friday we got up at the repulsive hour of 3:45am to make breakfast for probably 3,000 boy scouts.  My sleep deficit only keeps growing!  And on Sunday we got to go to the strip to usher for a show called Zion's Youth.  It was pretty cool to go to the city again! 
This morning we went hiking and tonight we have transfers.  My dear trainer, Sister Dewey, is leaving us!  :(  Me and Sister Field are staying here and we are getting a new companion as well.  I'm excited for all the next 6 weeks will hold!  Pray for me!  I love you all dearly and thank you for all your love and letters!
com amor,
Sister Burch

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