Tuesday, November 19, 2013


This week.... my poor poor companheira got the flu.  We were stuck in the apartment for 2 days until she felt better. 
THEN  my OTHER companion got the flu, and we were quarantined for THREE MORE DAYS. 
Needless to say,  I've been going slightly stir crazy.  I am grateful, however, that by some miracle I didn't catch it.  Not sure how that happened!!! 
Without further ado.. adieu?  .....recaps from this transfer!!!!Inline image 3
Our fun day of feeding the scouts.  I mean being scouts.  :) 
Inline image 4
At the scouting event they had a three-story maze that I'm sure was built for children because I barely fit inside of it.  It took us 10 minutes to crawl through that bad boy!  And I MAY have had an anxiety attack (twas pitch black in there)
Inline image 5
These are my two boys Nathan and Anthony.  They are amazing and I love them dearly.  And sometimes they write me notes as follows:
Inline image 6
It just kills me, ya know?
Inline image 1
Classic awkward pic with my zone leaders (and a lovely tie trade in the background)
Inline image 2
This is Raphael!!!  Not that I have favorites or anything, but... he would be it.  On Thursday we went with him to see the lovely and talented Gladys Knight and her choir, Saints Unified Voices.  It was AMAZING!  It blew my mind.  I'm talking breaking it down to "I am a Child of God," type of amazing.  It was weird to see so many people dancing and clapping in the chapel though!  I could get used to that. :)
Inline image 1
Our view from the Smith Center at the Zion's Youth performance. 
That's all I have time for this week, but more to come next Monday!  I love you guys muito!  I appreciate the prayers and please pray I don't get sick!
com amor,
sister burch

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