Thursday, February 6, 2014


Hey hello everyone!  Today we had the wonderful priveledge of going to the São Paulo temple!  So p-day is on Tuesday for this week.  This week we moved apartments!  Moving just generally is the pits.  Moving as a missionary... is worse.  It took us FOUR days to move.  We did not have a whole lot of help or resources so we literally walked 7 miles with boxes and boxes in our arms.  On a side note, I am getting super buff. 
Our new place is bomb!  It has a great view, computers in the complex, and no cockroaches the size of my face.  Blessings, people!
And now I will do my best to play catch up with fotos!
in order:
-my zone and I!  Letś play a game called "who is the most sunburnt?"
-an amazing family!
-Sister Del Guerso and I at the Sisters Meeting
-My lovely trainer and I!
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