Monday, March 3, 2014

Strong Women

I am writing this email in FOUR MINUTES people.  Hello all!  This week one of the strongest women I know got baptized!
Her name is Maria de Jesus.  Really, that is her real name.  She is the mother of Regia and really wanted to get baptized on the same day as Regia.  But she had been living with her boyfriend so could not.  She prayed every day that the Lord would prepare a way for her.  And two days after the baptism of Regia, her no good boyfriend left in the middle of the night without saying a word.  When we went to see her, she told us simply, "God has bigger plans for me.  And now I can get baptized."
It was the happiest day!  Maria de Jesus is the tiny woman in white hiding behind the children. 
Her daughter Regia, who was baptized 2 weeks ago, is also an amazing example of a strong woman.  The day before her baptism, she worked until 4am.  As she slept her phone died, and she had no alarm to wake her up.  Maria came to see if she was ready and found her sleeping.  She awoke her quickly, and Regias baby daddy came over too.  He said to her "I dont know why you think you can be ready in time for the baptism.  You are clearly not prepared." To which Regia replied, "I am prepared.  I WILL get baptized.  And it WILL be today."
They make me proud.  :)

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