Friday, June 27, 2014

I Love SP

I'm sitting at a computer lab in the heart of São Paulo because we Sistas decided to take a little day trip today.  :)  There is a street here called 25 de Março where you can buy anything you could ever imagine for dirt cheap.  I bought way to much junk.  But I couldn't resist buying my nieces matching soccer jerseys.  Worth it!

It's nice to get to know the city a little better.  The only downside is people yelling strange things in English to me. haha.  

The work has been slow because of the World Cup, but we are not letting it get us down!  Good things are happening!  Like wedding planning!  (not for me, for my investigators...)  And soon enough this madness will die down, I think.  Love all you people and praying for you daily!  


irmãzinha burch

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