Monday, June 16, 2014


Hello all!!!  

I wish I could describe exactly how CRAZY it has been here because of the WORLD CUP!  I am in the heart of it all and the excitement is tangible in São Paulo!  Everywhere you look is GREEN YELLOW and BLUE!  And President, in his kindness, let us watch the game!  I sat anxiously and pretended like I understand soccer rules.  Every goal Brazil made, people went nuts in the streets and let of fireworks!  Awesome day.  Not ideal for missionary work.  

All of the soccer aside, this week was a special one.  I am so grateful to be a missionary and to be able to be an instrument in the Lord's hands every day.  Every stranger I talk to on the street, with every person and friend I meet, I look into their eyes, I listen to what they say and ask, and I open my mouth and somehow know what to say, every time.  The Lord never leaves me hanging and never lets me down.  A man who went to visit his sister's grave was feeling heavy and sad.  When he got home, he was deep in thought about the loss of his sister and friend.  We showed up minutes later and told him that life does not end with death.  He told us that the words we said lifted a heavy weight from his shoulders.  

When we do what is right and are worthy, the Lord has promised us that his spirit will always be with us.  It guides me and protects me every day.  I feel His influence in everything I do and in every word I say.  

This Sunday, I gave my first full talk in Portuguese in Sacrament meeting!  After church, our bishop invited us to meet with him and many other ward members offered their help.  Now is the time for us to com together!  A wave of change is coming to Campo Limpo, I can feel it!


Sister Burch

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