Monday, June 9, 2014

This is Brazil!

I remember when I first got assigned to serve in São Paulo, Brazil.  I was surprised and also sort of bummed out.  I never wanted to learn Portuguese and frankly knew almost nothing about Brazil.  

Nowadays, I struggle to speak English and find myself getting as excited for the world cup as these native soccer fiends.  And I don't even like soccer.  (but don't tell them that...)  The streets are painted green, yellow, and blue and I am so grateful to be in this amazing country.  So much so, that a man called me Brazilian the other day and I failed to correct him.  muahaha.

Despite the bus fires, the water shortages, and the number of times I step in poop every day, I could live here forever if my visa and mission didn´t have an expiration date.

BECAUSE the people are incredible.  Even the ones who yell at me and call me a "vaso de Satanás."  Faz parte da vida.  

This week we had some pretty incredible teaching experiences.  We taught a very catholic woman named Regiane who would not stop talking.  When we finally got a word in, we told her that the church of Christ was restored.  That God once again reached out to His children in love and called a prophet.  As soon as I started to talk about this prophet, Joseph Smith, she stopped talking, with a stunned look on her face.  Her son who was yelling in the other room came in to listen, completely reverent, and even her parrot who had been sqwuaking stopped.  The spirit was strong and she was able to feel that what we were saying was true.  

Another night when the energy went out in the entire neighborhood, we stopped to talk to a woman on the sidewalk.  She immediately started crying and told us that she hadn't seen her cat all day and was afraid something had happened to him.  She was frantic and sobbing and so we said a prayer and promised her that her cat would come back safely.  We talked to her and calmed her down and as soon as we turned to leave, her big, white cat came running down the street back home.  She screamed and cried and embraced him and told us that we could come back any day, any time to talk to her.  Although it was just a cat, it meant a lot to her.  And although I am sure God has many bigger things to worry about, he loves us enough to answer even the smallest of our prayers.  

This week the wold cup starts!  And Our lovely amazing mission President is letting us watch it.  Whoop whooooop!  Until next week!  Love you all and congrats Daniel on your graduation!!!!!!!!


Sister Burch   

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