Tuesday, September 2, 2014


For over 30 years, the gates to the São Paulo temple that open up to the busy highway, Fransisco Moratto, have been locked.  And for the first time in decades, we unlocked them.  The Sisters of the Brazil São Paulo West mission have opened them up to the public for an exciting new work; tours on the temple grounds!  

I felt like a temple square sister.  Only less glamorous.  We recieved zero training or instruction.  But were simply handed five banners and told to be creative.  Realizing that we were the pioneers of this new work, we used our creativity and followed our hearts.  The banners were hard to put up and wouldn't stand in the wind, so I had to climb the temple gate to hang them. hahaha.  Like I said, less glamorous.  Then we did our job and opened our mouths!  We didn't let a single soul pass us by without inviting them in to learn more, and feel the peace that comes from standing outside the Lord's house.  MANY people said no, but we were in a state of nirvana and no one could stop us.  At one point, a man stopped his car on the HIGHWAY and yelled out,

"what do I need to do to visit this church?"  

Sister Barboza replied,

"get out of your car and come here!!!"

So that was what he did.  And it was an incredible feeling to talk about the Restored Gospel of Christ right ouside the temple.  

We finished our day exhausted, sunburnt, and happy.  And to make things even better, our dear President Del Guerso took us to Mcdonalds and drove us home.  Bless him.    

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