Monday, December 29, 2014

A White Christmas

This Christmas, our friend José, gave an incredible gift to our Savior.  He was baptized!  José is a huge example of dedication and gratitude.  He has many health problems, but every Sunday he shows up at church in his Sunday Best.  

Our ward, being in the middle of nowhere, does not have its own chapel.  We meet in a 3 story building that doesn't have an elevator.  José can't climb up to watch Sacrament meeting, so every week he patiently waits below.  

For his baptism, we had to go all the way to the stake center, because our "chapel" doesn't have a baptismal font!  José, being hefty as he is, was baptized by 3 elders!!!  They were so nervous, but it all went perfectly! 

I know that God has a purpose in all things.  I didn't understand why I was transferred, but I know I am here for a reason!  I was reluctant at first, but I know that when we trust in the Lord, He will show us his plan, and someday we will see perfectly why everything happened the way it did.  

I love you all!

Happy New Year!!! 

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