Monday, December 15, 2014

Things Unexpected

Every day, I diligently plan my future.  I plan where I will go, who I will see.  I plan my weeks thouroughly, and I make goals each month, transfer, and trimester.  After all of this thourough and often tedious planning, we see how things unfold and realize how it is never at all what we had planned.
This week some pretty unexpected things have happened.

​Sister Tait's grandparents came to visit

​President told us that our ward will recieve a pair of elders.  The educandário ward will now have 6 missionaries!

​President Del Guerso took us to Mcdonalds after working in the São Paulo temple square.  hahahaha #sunburnt

And lastly... I've been transferred.

This is us being sad.  #companheiraverdadeira
And I have no clue where I will be going or where with whom I will spend Christmas!  Ahhh!!!  But.  You just have got to come what may and love it on the mission.
Heres to surprises!

Sister Burch

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