Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Lost and Found

All good stories start at the... middle... right?  I should know this.
Last week we recieved a phone call from President Del Guerso.  Everytime he calls us we get nervous and anxious.  But he called us with the incredible news that a man named João had called him, telling him that he had found 2 bags on the side of the road.  And that he had found Presidents number amongst our things.  We started screaming and jumping in the middle of the streets of Osasco!
We basically ran to the man´s house and he came to the door with OUR BAGS!  I was so happy and grateful and unbelieving I almost gave him the biggest hug.  Instead, we opened our bags and found everything.  Documents, credit cards, EVERYTHING.  Everything was still there, down to my favorite chapstick. 
He saw two men that very same day throw our things on the side of the road, picked them up, and searched through all of our stuff to find some sort of contact information.  Written on my old planner were several phone numbers, of which he picked at random, the number of our mission president.  MIRACLES PEOPLE.
It was a miracle.  In São Paulo, THE "terra sem lei," a whole 45 days after we were assaulted, just days before the end of the transfer, God put our things in the hands of a man of good faith.  He prepared the way. 
So long story short, I got transferred.  It was hard to say goodbye to all of the beautiful people I have met here.  Irmão Antonio made me sob like a child when he gave me a going away speech.  He said, "I hope you always think of us and keep us in your prayers.  Because we will certainly always remember you.  We will carry you with us."
I was sad, but I felt surprisingly okay.  Because I know God has other adventures in store for me and other people to meet as well.  I am now in Campo Limpo!  It is a rather ironically named city, as it is filthy and almost 100% favela.  I've never seen such terrible poverty in my life.  But I am loving the people and my new companion is great!  Her name is Sister Valente! 
The internet here is terrrible so I sadly will have to end here this week.  But please enjoy a picture of me trying to eat a chickens foot.  I almost threw UP! 
I love you all dearly and hope you had a feliz Páscoa!
com amor,
Sister Burch

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