Tuesday, April 1, 2014

why my life is like a video game

So, I turned 21 this week! 
My birthday was a day full of lessons and appointments and walking!  But our very last lesson of the day was with a very special family.  And they surprised me with a feast of churrasco and the most delicious chocolate cake!  I have never felt so much love!

We are family.  My goodness, I would do anything for them!

And now I will explain why my life is like a video game.  Before reading, please crack open your Bibles and read Matt 7:1.  For I am about to show you just how big of a nerd I am.
In my past past life, I was a gamer.  Fable, Oblivion, Skyrim, Call of Duty, you name it, I played it.  Well, in most of those games, you go up to random people on the street, talk to them, figure out their problem, and they tell you to go do this quest which is in another land, and you have to go find someone else and rescue them.
Well, that is my life!  This week we had a list given to us of people who needed help.  Complete strangers who live in all four corners of Osasco.  With a map in had, we try to find them.  We talk to random people on the street so see if they know them, ask neighbors, and with the help of the Lord, in our own way, we rescue them too. 
For example, this week we found this old lady on the street struggling to climb a hill.  We stopped to help her and she told us about her friend who was in trouble.  Her friend needed help and she could not reach her in time because of her physical ailments. 
We accepted the challenge and off we went, in search of a person we had never met, in a place we had never been.  We passed through sketchy parts of the city, walked right by a gang of armed men, and they didn't even look our way. 

Like I said, my life is a video game.  With less violence and more Jesus.  Missionary work is an adventure and it is the most fulfilling work in the world!  I love the Lord and I live for this!
Until next week!
com amor,
Sister Burch

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