Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Brighter Light

Hey people! 
I know I promised pictures this week... but I lied.  I can't get my card reader to work!  NEXT WEEK!  Te prometo. 
thanks everyone for all the emails and letters and support!  VOCES SAO OTIMOS!  This week I have less fleas than last, but I realize how spoiled I've been to live in a place where it's literally too cold for most insects to survive.  All I have to say is one word:  cockroaches.
Other than those hideous creatures, This week was great!  General Conference weekend proves to be the best time of year and it is like Disneyworld to a missionary.  If you haven't watched it, WATCH IT! 
Remember Rafael?  The man who had a flat tire?  Well we taught him this week and it was amazing.  God is good!  We are also teaching a mother and her two sons.  They are really ill all the time, but we go to them and those two boys have so much faith, it makes me cry like a fool.  In a few weeks they'll be baptized and I can't wait to see their smiling faces on that day!
I love being a missionary.  I love having the excuse to talk to random people and catch them off gaurd.  I love being able to unapolagetically say what I believe! 
There is a lyric to a certain hymn that has meant a lot to me lately. 
"Her light shall then attract the gaze of all the world in latter days."
There are a lot of people in Las Vegas who have forgotten God.  A lot of people who are convinced they can do it all alone and that religion and Christ are things of the past. 
But I see every once in a while the people who haven't.  The members of the church here who have to endure a lot and stand out so much in this city.  And the light that is in them shines much brighter than the lights on the strip. 
We often get strange looks from people as we walk the streets and it is my wish to attract the gaze of those who have forgotten why they are here and the God that loves them. 
God loves you!  And I love you MUITO! 
Sister Burch

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