Monday, January 13, 2014

Miracle of the Area Book

Hi everyone!  This week I want to share a truly miraculous experience I had this week. 
Last Tuesday we had a meeting in the city and had to travel by bus with our area book.  An area book is a giant binder full of records of all our efforts, all the information about the area, and basically everthing that is important to us and makes it possible for us to work in this area.  After the meeting, we had a lunch appointment and walked a loooong way to get there.  At some point on our walk, we stopped to take a rest and my companion who was carrying the area book, set it down for a second on a ledge.  When we started walking again, she forgot it there.  We realized this after lunch and ran back to get it.  And it was gone.  We looked everywhere and asked the neighbors, but no one knew anything about it.  Trying not to freak out, we stopped and said a prayer, asking for help to find the area book.  As soo as we said "amen"  we immediately crossed the street, walked a ways down, and there we saw it... a large stack of papers lodged in between a car and the curb.  Every single paper and record was accounted for, just without the cover.  When we picked them up to look through them, we saw scortch marks on the cornes of the pages.  Somebody had tried to burn them.  But somehow, all that burned was a small corner. 
This work is the Lord´s work.  And it can´t be stopped. 
I hope you all have looked for God´s hand in your lives, it is always there! 
We had another baptism this week!  Her name is Rosangela.  Her sister is the Relief Society president in the ward here!  And what a way to kick off the new year, making a promise to follow Jesus Christ.  A new start. 
Happy New Years!  Feliz ano novo! 
I love you all dearly!
com amor,
Sister Burch
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