Friday, January 3, 2014

Pictures from Brazil! São Paulo West Mission

Inline image 1Okay I lied.  Vegas Nativity with my sweet H!

Inline image 2My ZLs took my departure pretty hard
 Inline image 3My mission momma!Inline image 4
 President and Sister Ahlander!
 Inline image 1Behold!  My first baptism in Brazil!  This is Lapenta and he is a stud.  He came out of the water and shouted AMEN!  He calls me girafa because I am tall and I try not to take offense :)
 Inline image 2My comp sometimes tries to carry me up the hills.  

Inline image 3
 Inline image 1Feliz Natal with this lovely family!  We ate BEANS and RICE and MEAT.
 Inline image 2Osasco até o fim!
 Inline image 3FELIZ ANO NOVO! 

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